el pandemonium

El matafuegos y su cochecito

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Ya lo decían los Doors: people are strange. Pero algunos más que otros, ¿eh?

Cortesía del gran Bremaneur.




Written by cristian campos

1 diciembre, 2011 a 7:00

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  1. ¡Bingo! Ya tengo claro qué quiero ser de mayor.


    1 diciembre, 2011 at 12:32

  2. obviously we can all see that this is a big moment (just look at those geeks exdpole, man!!) but i wonder if some of you younger cats know just HOW big i mean, folder buttons on the top of the window. scrollbar to the right, still there almost 30 years later. what apple did with that computer changed the way we interact with our digital world. graphical interface wasn’t their idea (i think it was xerox’s) but they actually made it WORK. great video. history made right before your eyes.


    28 febrero, 2013 at 14:51

  3. uyZI4V fodkqznfadti


    1 marzo, 2013 at 5:40

  4. I’m a 1st time commenter here. I only dicsovered this fandom by accident this year (yes, a real noob) while searching for Cider Sky music. I have to admit that I’ve never really watched the Twilight saga nor read the books before. I dicsovered Robsten via music and have now seen a number of shipper videos of them on youtube. I’ve never really been a fangirl of actual actors’ relaysh because I don’t believe they ever last. So I only used to like ship videos of characters in fact, I used to create shipping videos of movie/tv characters myself, before RL and graduation from school & finding a job completely left me with no more time for it.But I do think that a big part of the draw of these two people is their personalities and their relationship. I mean, I never thought I’d be commenting on something like this but I’m curiously drawn to them. In fact, they’ve peaked my interest to a level that I’ve watched the movies now on cable when before when I’d see it playing on the premium channels, I’d just surf through it, watch it for a few mins, then go on channel surfing. So you could say I only got interested in Twilight because of these two. I do like Rob & Kristen both individually and as a couple they do appear very grounded & very easy & fun to watch. I can relate to Kristen’s thought jumping as well since I’ve often been told to finish my thoughts before jumping to the next topic. Thought jumping, unlike what some people think, doesn’t indicate that you’re not smart. In fact, I think it means that you have so many ideas & thoughts in your head that your mouth just can’t catch up with it. Over time and with practice, you learn to be more articulate and slow down your thoughts to sync up with your voice.But I really wanted to comment on whether the THG actors will create the same pandemonium as Robsten had. I’ve read both HP and THG series. I have also watched all of the HP movies. I love HP I think it is great but I’ve never gotten the same kind of fascination with Daniel, Rupert & Emma like I seem to have with this Robsten (I’m still actually amused at myself for even falling for this but I couldn’t help it there is just something about them that tugs at your twitterpated meter). To me the HP kids are great actors who played my favorite characters in HP. None of them are linked in RL so you just appreciate the work they did. I think that it will be the same for me with THG. And, unless there is that same kind of RL hook-up between JL and JH or even JL and LH and they have the same kind of chemistry that makes people go all giddy, I think the fascination & obsession with the THG actors will be all about the movie and the characters just like it was for HP. But I do believe that some of the THG guys will become famous just like the HP guys have become and that THG will do well in the box-office. And it’s all good. I’m sure Robsten wouldn’t mind at all sharing the limelight with them if only to get the papz out of their hair for a bit.Thanks for letting me comment and to the creator of the blog (from what I have read, they all call you S?) for your hard work.- alyssa


    27 julio, 2013 at 13:35

  5. May Rob Kris Patt disse:O que posso dizer desse post de hoje: PERFEITO, SUBLIME, MARAVILHOSO, REVELADOR Sabe minha me3e costumava me dizer a seniugte frase: Tudo de bom vem para aqueles que perseveram e tem fe9. Eu nunca desiste de ROBSTEN e agora e muito antes estamos sendo recompensadas por esses relatos, avistamentos e fotos ocasionais, me sinto realizada, me sinto um tanto quanto vingada de todos aqueles que ne3o acreditaram e ousaram supor que ROBSTEN ne3o era real.E digo a todos os que duvidaram eles se3o mais do que REAIS, se3o como qualquer outro casal, como qualquer ser humano que e9 passedvel de erro, mas ne3o invetemos coisas e coloquemos nas costas de pessoas inocentes.Estou delirando de felicidade, pois a cada dia que passa eu vejo que eles se3o e este3o felizes (ne3o que nos ne3o je1 sabedamos disso), olhando o seu BG aqui do blog, me pego pesando de acordo com o relato essa gargalhada gostosa esse sorriso contagiante dessas duas pessoas que apenas acrescentaram o melhor a minha vida.Que venham mais relatos, avistamentos e mais posts como esses para delirarmos com essas duas criaturas que amamos tanto.Bjo Fea e como sempre nos fazer chorar de alegria por todas as palavras emocionantes que sf3 vocea e9 capaz de colocar. Adorei esse post lindo como sempre, obrigada mais uma vez minha linda.


    22 octubre, 2013 at 6:16


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