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Aunque no confío en absoluto en la supuesta relevancia de esas nubes de términos que pretenden dar una idea de cuáles son los puntos destacados de un texto cualquiera, he de reconocer que las nubes realizadas por el diario El País a partir de los programas electorales del PP y del PSOE me han llegado al alma:




¿Así? ¿Además? ¿Todas? ¿Transparencia? ¿Formación? ¿¿¿Motor???

Por dios, por dios, por dios…

Un programa electoral sin las palabras y términos siguientes no es un programa electoral ni es ná, joder:



Keith Richards


Jamón de bellota













Pillar cacho



Muerte a Lady Gaga









Zooey Deschanel

Perrito piloto


Desde este blog, puedo prometer y prometo votar al partido que incluya todas estas palabras en su programa. Pero han de ser todas, ¿eh? Si falta una sola ya no vale.

Empieza la disputa por el voto de Cristian Campos.



Written by cristian campos

2 noviembre, 2011 a 7:01

5 comentarios

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  1. Hola? Mucho mariconazo y mucha Lady Gaga pero nada de Justin Bieber…?


    2 noviembre, 2011 at 10:28

  2. Cierto, cierto: habría que añadir los términos “ídolo teen”, “niñatos hostiables” y “¿quién mató a Justin Bieber?”

    cristian campos

    2 noviembre, 2011 at 10:30

  3. ¿Es mensaje subliminal por parte de la redacción de El País que la nube de términos del PSOE tenga los colores de la bandera española, bandera que no se ve en sus mítines ni por casualidad?

    El gato de Schrödinger

    2 noviembre, 2011 at 13:14

  4. Ladies, Ladies (and gentlemen, if there are any)New here. I have been weinarndg this website for quite some time without commenting on anything, but for some reason this article made me want to write something.This isn’t the first time I have seen people claiming Jennifer Lawrence dislikes Kristen Stewart or downplays her, or whatever. Are these things true? Does she really have something against the girl? I don’t know. I honestly don’t because I’ve never met the girl nor had the opportunity to ask her such a question. However, what I have noticed are fans of Kristen talking negatively about Jennifer in a way that reminds us of how people talk badly about Kristen. How does it make us feel when people say things like, “Kristen is immature,” or “Kristen has no emotion, is twitchy, and is a disgrace to Hollywood”? It hurts us, right? Because we are fans of her and we disagree with such outlandish claims. The same goes for JL’s fans. They probably adore her as an individual and don’t appreciate the “Twi-hards” talking down about her because we don’t like her or whatever. I am not saying you don’t have the right to state your own opinion, but you have to remember that there are some Twilight fans and Hunger Games fans on-board here (me included). We love both franchises and want to see them both succeed and each actor earn their money and praise in their own right.Will HG do as well as Twilight? I don’t know, no one does. But I can say that it will be a HUGE success. Already, it has sold more premiere tickets than The Twilight Saga: Eclipse did, which is actually saying something. And I will say this, if Jennifer Lawrence isn’t prepared for all the pandemonium that Rob and Kristen get, then I am sure that if and when HG goes huge, she will have a wake up call and quite possibly seek out Robsten’s assistance. All I was trying to say is that we shouldn’t talk bad about her, especially when it comes to her interviews and how she doesn’t “make sense”. Don’t shoot me, but there are some times when even watching Kristen’s interviews, it is hard to understand her because her mind is just running a mile a minute. She is known for her randomness, which isn’t a bad thing. But I thought I’d bring it up. But I will also note that she has gotten a lot better with interviews and seems so much more comfortable with them. Don’t hate on HG; give it a chance. I also hope we aren’t jealous of it either. No need. Peace. -Jenelle


    27 julio, 2013 at 20:14

  5. Karen Cody – We are interested in genittg a wedding estimate for a date in October 2013 and what exactly the cost of the site and wedding reception will include (i.e., cake, dinner, open bar, linens, table, appetizers, etc.)Thanks, karen


    22 octubre, 2013 at 20:30


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