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¿Ven la tendencia, la ven?

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30 años de cambios en la industria musical.



(Las imágenes individuales, en Digital Music News)



Written by cristian campos

23 agosto, 2011 a 7:00

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  1. I dont understand these poll tkeras! Have any of you ridden Deja Vu !!? Its pretty rough and most coasters that have been relocated are even rougher than before im glad that deja vu is leaving makes room for something in 2013 and beyond!


    16 enero, 2013 at 12:44

  2. Don’t let the above statement fool you. Salvation is what got me into Funeral Mist. It is ineedd an incredible album. But, the hype surrounding Maranatha was that people were expecting and wanting an exact follow up to the debut. I ask ..why? If you want to listen to Salvation, then listen to the actual album. This addition takes Salvation and simply evolves from that initial paiting, creating something new, adding different colorings and hues, but retaining and not sacrificing the originality that we first heard. Some of the greatest vocals EVER placed on any black metal record, along with fantastic drumming, and more ambience’ like Salvation offered. All in all, another incredible album from the one man genius of Sweden.On a sidenote, if you find yourself being rather impressed by Arioch, then DO NOT hesitate to track down the two most recent Marduk albums. I myself could have cared less for any Marduk album because they were a non-stop borefest to me. However, both ROM 5:12 and Wormwood (which just came out this year) have Arioch on vocals, and the listener will definitely be able to tell he not only contributed vocally, but musically as well. That’s why I can be satisfied when listening to any of the four albums mentioned above and be in complete black metal ecstasy.


    16 enero, 2013 at 15:07


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